Next stage of baby food

Our little girl has moved onto the next stage of baby food – the 7+ month food which is lumpy.

At first, I was getting more of this than she was, due to her spitting it out of her mouth (or blowing raspberries once I’d given her a mouthful of food) in protest to the lumps food she was all of a sudden be fed.

That quickly went away though and she started eating the full, larger jars at every mealtime.

Our baby girl does have her favourite foods though; she likes ‘Cauliflower Cheese’, ‘Pork Casserole with Apple’ and loves ‘Spaghetti Carbonara’. However, she hates ‘Grandmas Sunday Lunch’ – that’s the jar of food, not her actual Grandma’s lunch – that’s rather nice, and I’m not just saying that to keep in the mother-in-law’s good books…honest!

I don’t know what it is about that jar, to me it tastes pretty much the same of the other jars, but our girl absolutely hates it. The wife and I have decided to no longer buy it, or any other Sunday lunch type foods. We may blend (or however you describe the action – I’m no cook or kitchen wizard) one of the wife’s roasts soon and see how she likes that, it has to be much better than the jars (well it is, the wife’s food is amazing!).

Hopefully she’ll like it, although I do tease the wife that if she enjoys it too much, she may start demanding proper cooked then blended meals every mealtime haha…but apparently, “she’s only a baby, don’t be so ****ing daft!”

Been away without the kids :)

It was our 1st wedding anniversary last week so I the wife and I decided to have a small break abroad for a a few nights. We were very lucky that my sister-in-law and mother-in-law offered to have the two little ones while we were away, leaving us to have some much needed alone time to spend together.

What that meant though, was transporting 4 nights worth of kiddie supplies to the in-law’s, and boy was that a lot of stuff!

Our car (a decent sized SUV I point out!) was stuffed with all sorts including nappies, bottles, baby food, clothes, travel cot, baby seat, pram, car seat. Every space was full with something or other. There was also the loading and unloading of the car, carrying it all out of our house and into the in-law’s. That was a workout in itself.

Once the car was empty and the kids dropped off, we packed the car with out cases to head the the airport. The boot looked bare and our cases looked lost in the vast space surrounding them that only minutes earlier was rammed with the stuff for the kids. I chuckled to myself that two fully grown adults going abroad for a few nights took only only a minuscule amount of space compared to that needed for two tiny little people (and 90% of that stuff was for a six month old!).

Anyway, the break was great, weather was amazing, sun was beaming hot, hotel was fantastic (won some brownie points with the wife for booking such a nice place!) but now we’re back to normality and have to try and get our baby back into a routine, which I hope doesn’t take too long, Daddy really isn’t enjoying the all nighter’s again :(

Can you count?

Let’s me start by saying I can count. I am a qualified Accountant. I can do fairly complex maths normally.

However, when making a baby bottle, please don’t talk to me when I’m counting the scoops of formula, it’s the most difficult task ever!

I remember growing up and my Mum making a bottle for my sister. I would ask a question, Mum wouldn’t answer, but she would have a look of concentration on her face. I’d ask the question again to be shouted at “Shhh, I’m counting!”. I remember thinking, ‘Hold on, I’m a kid and I can count to 7, wait I can count to hundreds, why can’t you?!’

Now, roll on a couple of decades and I’m in the position my Mum was. Making a bottle and counting scoops for formula, and my son asks me a question. The results as exactly as describe above. How does counting to 7 all of a sudden become an impossible task? The slightest interruption and you’re lost, without a clue how many scoops have gone in. It requires 100% concentration, and even then you still doubt whether you’ve counted correctly!

I just can’t work it out. Counting anything else and you can hold detailed discussions with several people at the same time, but make the thing you’re counting scoops of baby formula and you’re screwed! Is there something in the mix that renders the brain useless?

What’s your experience of counting scoops, can you concentrate or does the slightest thing put you off?

Back to interrupted sleep

Since our baby girl has been eating jars of food, she’s been sleeping relatively well. She sometimes woke through the night, but would settle herself back to sleep.

Something as changed the last couple of nights though. She’s been waking up at 3am and wanting a bottle! This is making me sooooo tired, especially as I’m trying to put in as many hours as possible at the office before I go away for a week. I actually slept in this morning because I was so tired, and today of all days is a day when I didn’t need that to happen.

Anyway, I rushed around, got ready, did a bit of cleaning then headed to the office. I had a morning full of meetings and needed to nip out between these to pick up our travel money. I was in that much of a rush that I lost my wallet after picking up the Euros! What a nightmare. Luckily, the second appointment was a no show, so I traced my steps back around the city centre and my wallet had been found and handed in to a department store! I’m one lucky guy!

I hope this 3am wake up call doesn’t last too long, I was hoping we were getting into the full night sleep routine, suppose it serves me right for expecting so much :(

We had our nephew and niece staying over last night too, so our son was happy. He usually enjoys his lie-ins, but he was first up this morning, he even beat me! Heard the three older ones talking away when I got up, was nice hearing them all getting along, hopefully that will have continued since I left for work and they won’t be getting on the wife’s wick haha

We were thinking that with the good weather, maybe the house is becoming too hot and the baby can’t sleep and needs more fluids. We’re going to leave the windows opening during the day, try to make the house cooler before bedtime and see if that helps…fingers crossed!

Whole new wardrobe

Our baby girl is six months old – and that means we need to buy a whole new wardrobe for her.

When she was born, we didn’t need to buy much clothes-wise. Family and friends bought us mountains of newborn sized clothes, and we even got a lot of 3 to 6 month sizes (from those people who knew we’d get loads of newborn so bought the next sized to see us through then too). This means the first set of clothes we need to buy is 6-9 months, and we are talking loads, I thought my¬† wife was bad, but wow!

To make it worse, babies need several changes of clothes every day, you know, ‘coz they’re always getting messy! Which just means even more to buy.

Anyway, we did the clothes shop, spent a small fortune and then I realised, we’ll be doing it all over again in 3 months time, right at Christmas time too.

Why is all baby food orange?

So our baby is now eating jars of baby food. She seems to really enjoy them. To be honest, I think I’d enjoy them too if I’d just spent six months having nothing but milk several times a day, even if it was this bland pulsed food which to be honest all tastes the same to me.

To a baby I suppose it tastes amazing, they will no doubt taste the difference between the jars, which is evident by the face our girls pulls with the taste of some of them!

Anyhow, the main problem I am finding with the baby food is the colour. No matter what type it is, it all seems to be orange! What are the manufacturers doing, adding food colouring to them all for consistency? I can just see it now:

Head Baby Food Research Guy: “we’ve developed this amazing tasting, tastebud tangling new food

Baby Food CEO: “but it doesn’t stand out, it looks like normal food, best add some orange food colouring!

Head Baby Food Research Guy: “you got it boss, that stuff also takes away any taste, don’t want those pesky Mums and Dads eating it themselves!

Maybe I’m reading too much into it, I guess the wife might be right when she says I let my imagination go daft! :s

Everything is getting stained and it’s a nightmare to wash out! Why can’t they develop foods which don’t stain, or aren’t nuclear orange!

Covered in allsorts!

I don’t know if it’s classes as strange, or it’s just normal human behaviour, to be a bit “urgh” about being covered in saliva, sick and other bodily fluids, but I’ve always been grossed out by stuff like that. I guess reading that sentence alone probably sounds weird, but in context of this blog, being covered in bodily fluids of a baby is pretty normal.

In the first few weeks I’ve been covered in every bodily fluid you can imagine and I just haven’t batted an eyelid. I always thought I would struggle to change a nappy, to have a baby wee and poop on me, but it’s all normal when raising a child.

My wife was going to bath our daughter so I undressed her in the nursery, took off her nappy on the changing mat and carried her along the hall to the bathroom. Whilst doing do, she had a wee on my hand. The thought of that before the birth would have grossed my out, but I didn’t even take notice, just handed her to Mum and then cleaned up. Unfortunately for Mum, she then pooped on her hand while she was being bathed! Oh how I laughed.

Then strikes Karma!

Payback in the form of poop being blasted at me whilst changing a nappy! That’ll teach me to laugh.

Again though, it it deal with in a calm manner. I finished changing the nappy and them cleaned myself up.

Maybe all these bodily fluids are so bad…or maybe it’s just because it’s my baby…yip, that’ll be it. The thought of anyone elses bodily fluids on me still grosses me out!

Sleep – what sleep

I can’t remember the last time I has a decent night sleep.

We knew our little girl was gong to be more difficult than our son (due to us being older now) so we came up with a plan that for the first few weeks; I would sleep in the spare room, the baby would switch between being our bedroom and the spare room (one night I would look after her, the next the wife would). That way, we would each get a proper nights sleep every other night. This would be short term and would prevent us both being too tired!

It didn’t quite work like that.

When the baby woke up during the night for a feed, we would both get up. Our plan doesn’t work, neither of us could stay in the other room and not go and help, let alone sleep through it. One thing that has helped though is the perfect prep machine – two minutes and we have the bottle, so thankful we don’t have to warm up, or cool down, a bottle while the baby cries at midnight and the early hours.

The No. 1 Big Brother

Our big lad (7 years old) has been amazing with his little sister. It was my worry that it would be difficult for him to adjust, he has been an only child for seven years then along comes someone else to share Mam and Dad’s attention and love.

I know I was the same when I was young and that was only after three years. I was jealous of my little sister when she was born and didn’t want our son to be like that.

However, he has been great. The love he has for his sister is amazing. Always kissing and cuddling her, talking to her and being so gentle. I now know I needn’t have worried.

He bought her first teddy bear, something which we will have to put into her keepsake box for when she’s older. He was so proud that he was the one who bought the first one! He’s into teddy bears himself (that’s his “go-to” present for birthdays, mothers day, father days etc!) so that just made him even more pleased.

I did have a joke with him about changing nappies, but I don’t think it’s that kind of love haha

Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Perfect Prep – AMAZING****

Our baby girl is now a few days old. My wife tried breast feeding, but it just wasn’t working. She felt as though our little girl wasn’t getting enough and it was stressing them both out. We’ve therefore decided to move onto formula.

The wife had seen the Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep bottle maker and looking at the theory it, it just seemed too good to be true. I remember when I was young and my Mum was making bottles for my little sister. It seemed to take ages, boiling the kettle, counting scoops of milk, mixing it, then cooling it back down again. All while the baby cries ‘coz they’re hungry.

And now, there’s this machine, press a button for a shot of hot water, add the milk, shake, press the button again to add cold water and there you go, a perfect bottle in just two minutes! That can’t be right, was my first thought, just seems too easy.

I must admit when I opened the box and started to set up the machine, I didn’t think it was going to be worth it. The initial clean seemed to take forever! But, half an hour later (I took my time reading all the instructions a few times!) and the machine was ready to make the first baby bottle…and boy was my opinion changed.

It worked just like I described above. Two minutes and the bottle is the perfect temperature! Now this is going to be amazing, if only they could make a portable version for when we go out! Maybe we will just become hermits and stay in so we can easily make bottles on demand lol