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2012: A Year In A Post

Yup, everyone is doing it. Blogging about 2012 and what they want to achieve in 2013. I try and not follow suit, but it is too good an opportunity to miss, so here is my 2012 Post :)

2012 has been a full year. I think that’s the best way to open this one. We’ve had some spectacular moments, such as Olivia learning to walk and we’ve had some real stinkers such as the kitchen renovation.

What we have had a lot of though is growth. Olivia has grown into a wonderful little girl, with a fantastic sense of humour, a great grasp of the physical world and an ever improving grasp of the spoken world. She is now wearing either size 2 (years) or 2-3 in clothes and just doesn’t stop growing, which is so amazing to see.

This is what Olivia looked like at the very start of 2012:

Olivia and her teddy

And here she is at the very start of 2013:

Olivia in 2013

A massive difference I hope you’ll agree.

Then there’s the growth of my wife and I. I don’t mean waistlines (although mine might have softened a little…), but emotionally. Looking back at the old posts, we worried about everything. Now, for the most part, we go with the flow. What an amazing difference that makes.  There is no doubt that 2012 has made us both far calmer and more patient people.

We have laughed a huge amount. We have cried slightly less. Olivia has laughed a lot and cried about the same amount. I understand this to be normal.

2012 for me has also been the year of new friends. As I’ve said previously I’m a bit of a loner. Or so I thought. It actually turns out I really enjoy the company of people. I just hadn’t met many of the people I enjoyed spending time with until Olivia was born. So, to my new friends, thank you for making 2012 far more enjoyable with you all in it. Hopefully you know who you are, and if you don’t, hopefully someone reading this will tell you,

I could babble on forever, as I usually do, but instead I’ll list all the noteworthy events that have happened in 2012.

  • Olivia walked
  • Olivia talked
  • We lost a very dear member of the family
  • I grew a beard
  • I shaved the beard off
  • I’m growing the beard back
  • My dad beat cancer
  • I gave up full time work to become a part time stay at home dad
  • We decided we wanted another child
  • I read Fifty Shades
  • I overcame my fear of heights and learned to climb
  • I overcame my fear of driving

But most of all, I (and my wife) have learned to live again. I’ve probably said it before but we really didn’t make the most of what we had before Olivia. Now however, it’s a different story. This is what we are meant to be doing.

As for 2013, who knows what it holds in store for us. I could make a few educated suggestions, but I’ll hold off until those things actually happen :)

I hope you have all had a great 2012 and I look forward to sharing 2013 with you.




  • http://theonlyboyinthehouse.co.uk/ Richy

    Sounds like a successful year to me! Very glad to have been a very tiny part of it, and who knows, maybe we’ll meet up IN REAL LIFE at some point in 2013!

    • chuckalicious

      Hold on – you’re real?!!?? :-) yeah would be fun to meet up.

  • http://mutteringsofafool.com The Fool

    I think you’ve had a pretty cracking year, aside from reading Fifty shades :)
    Is Olivia tall? Matilda still fits some 9-12 month clothes, she’s reasonably tall but just weeny apart from that

    • chuckalicious

      Yeah that book was a bit of a low point :-) enjoyed the looks I got on the train tho!!

      Olivia is fairly tall for her age I think. Like me she has a long body so needs bigger tops. Unlike me tho she also have quite long legs so needs longer trousers. Small waist tho so they have to be quite tight :-)

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