Jun 14

Going With The Flow

I remember back to when we were expecting Olivia, the things we’d say we would do like not letting her stay up late or sit with her while she fell asleep because we thought that strict parenting in that sense was the way to go. And no crisps or chocolate.

Fast forward two years and here I am at 02:26 on a Friday morning, sitting next to Olivia’s bed while she struggles to sleep. This was after an 8pm lights out.

So what’s changed? Why is it so wildly different to the parenting experience we expected? Simply because we have learned to work with Olivia instead of against her.

We tried putting her down to bed when we felt she should be going down and then asking why the hell she was taking so long to go to sleep. We lost half our evening with one of us sitting with her until she fell asleep. Then, like a stroke of the bleeding obvious, we tried putting her down later. Took her 5 minutes to fall asleep. Now we have a lovely evening together with no stressing. So far.

I just find it funny how different the reality is to the ideas that we had as expectant parents. We assumed that a child was always out to get one over on you (which in some situations is still true) but in general they just need you when they need you. They aren’t taking the piss so why not just work with it? It makes life so much easier.

So my one tip to new parents is simply to chill and try and work with your child, not your expectations.

As for the crisps and chocolate, em, isn’t that a flying saucer over there?? *runs away while you’re not looking*

  • http://www.manandbuggy.com Man & Buggy Blog

    I completely agree about working with your child, rather than against them! They aren’t always out there to get you! It does seem that way. And fight the battles/tantrums that are worth fighting! Let the others go!

    • chuckalicious

      Cheers. Seems an obvious one I know, but it’s so easy to get caught up in trying to do the right thing.

  • http://mutteringsofafool.com The Fool

    Now we are expert and mature parents it’s funny seeing new parents trying to do the controlling thing, deciding exactly when their child can eat and sleep. Each to their own of course but I think most of us eventually realise working with rather than against a toddler is a whole lot easier :)

    • chuckalicious

      I’ll take your lead – you’ve done it twice :-)

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