Mar 21

The Terrible Twos


This Is My Happy Face.

This Is My Happy Face.

She’s not even three yet, go easy on her.

We seem to be saying that a lot recently. Over the last few months, Olivia has been challenging, to put it mildly. Each and every time we get exacerbated and are ready to throw ourselves out of a window, we have to remind herself that she has only been on this earth for less than 3 years and that she must be going through some massive changes.

But it doesn’t stop it being spectacularly annoying and sometimes upsetting. Tantrums I can handle, cheek I can handle, but the mega mood swings are something to behold. We can be sitting having a lovely conversation and all of a sudden she will sink into herself and curl up on the sofa. No amount of tickling, cuddles, treats or other types of persuasion can bring her out of it. Normally I’d just ignore something like this, but seeing her so seemingly depressed is horrible. we keep asking ourselves if there’s something wrong, have we done something to affect her so badly, then all of a sudden, she is out of her funk and bouncing about like any other happy toddler.

So we are putting it down to being not quite 3 and is going through The Terrible Twos. It seems to be a blanket excuse for all sorts of behaviour which is otherwise unexplainable.


What I will say though is, if on her third birthday, she doesn’t wake up a cheery, personable and well rounded being, I’m asking for a refund!

Has your toddler gone through anything similar? How did you cope? And did they come out the other end a more stable person? Please tell me they did. Please!

  • sabrina montagnoli

    Not to upset you or anything but seriously my wee man got worse when he turned 3 and the terrible 2s seemed tame :) We say that a lot too “He just turned 3″. It’s this whole gaining independence thing pushing boundaries…it’s like he decided he had a right to push all of them at once as soon as he hit 3! Saying that we are a month in and he seems to be calming or I’m just getting better at the fight :) I have lost track of how many posts I have written about it!

    • chuckalicious

      Oh thanks – that’s just what I wanted to hear! In all honesty I know we stand no chance of her getting over this so quickly :-/ it was just wishful thinking :-)

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